Friday, August 21, 2015

Taylor Swift

A major highlight of my summer and also my life is going to a Taylor Swift concert.

So about three weeks ago, my T. Swift loving past co-worker who I used to fangirl all the time with came in to buy a pack of water. Knowing what a fan I am, he asked me if I wanted to go since he had an extra ticket. The obvious answer is duh, yes. I freaked out big time and was going on about repaying him back but he refused so I’m very, extremely, immensely, (insert all the adj.), grateful. Because unbeknownst to my knowledge, they were pit tickets! PIT. As in the closest possible section to the stage and I was attending for free.

Before I talk about my experience, let me start with how much this was a privilege to me. I could not be anymore excited from beginning to end because I was in disbelief. My ticket individually was worth $600 so that was mind blowing. The pit area are seats I would never even dream of being in let alone purchasing. It is just beyond my character and price range to splurge on a concert like that. When I was counting down to buy her pre-sale tickets, they were around $150 for regular stadium seats and I found that to be crazy. I may really like Taylor Swift but not to the extent of robbing me poor. But don’t get me wrong, her concert is worth it. It’s a price I would never personally pay for but it felt worth it.

In a stadium with 50,000 people, I just think it’s insane to have prices so high. Being in the pit was amazing but I definitely heard a few “If you want the best, you pay for the best.” and I don’t believe that’s fair. In the real world, I know people will say to me that’s just life. I am not sure about the origin of concerts but I know for plays, it was meant to bring together the community as in everyone was able to have access to the entertainment. And I think with it being Taylor Swift who is always outspoken on love, friendship, and fairness – I think she has the power to make herself more accessible to everyone. Just taking a look at the vast majority, the demographics at the concert, it was mostly filled with White people. So while I had an amazing time, I couldn’t help noticing how much of a divide the concert had in terms of diversity.

Onto the experience, I can only say two things: unbelievable and unforgettable. It’s a show unlike any other with noticeable dedication and hard work to be able to pull it off. I loved all the theatrics, costumes, stage changes, and dancers. I sang my heart out to every word and cried when she sang “Never Grow Up” because it’s an old favorite of mine. I was manically happy. I befriended the people around me in the pit and they were all very kind to always take in consideration of my height so that I could see. The security guard even allowed me to stand on the seat because I was drowning in a sea of incredibly tall people. Everyone was just soo tall.

I felt emotional every time Taylor spoke. Somehow in a stadium of 50,000 others she was able to make it seem like she was speaking to each one of us individually. From that, I felt like I knew her more on a human (friend) level than the dynamic of fan-celebrity. And Julia Roberts showed up as a guest so that was incredible. I love her! Overall, a magical night and honestly very much a dream come true. It was pretty much like a modern version of Cinderella attending the ball kind of night...and I've reverted back to a pumpkin that realistically would never be able to watch a concert that close ever again but that’s okay!

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